General Contractor

General-Contractor-MainElm Creek General Construction also specializes in quality residential restorations and renovations, with the goal of a finished product that seamlessly blends into the overall character of the home. We understand that renovations can be an inconvenience, we always take steps to assure that our work is as minimally intrusive to your life as possible.  As a trusted general contractor, we only work with the highest quality local subcontractors and vendors to ensure your project meets or exceeds your expectations.

We are also accustomed to working with your local municipalities and can determine the need for and help procure all necessary permits required for your project. We will also work with your local inspectors from start to finish, to ensure the job is fully up to code.

At Elm Creek General Construction, we pride ourselves on integrity, honesty and meeting or exceeding customer expectations. From design to finish-out, we will execute your project with excellence from start to finish.

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