Roof Repair

Suspect You Might Have Roof Damage?

ThunderstormAs a Texas homeowner, we are exposed to some of the most severe weather in the country. Strong storms, large hail, tornadoes and damaging winds are all something we are forced to live with in this area.  Unfortunately, your roof often takes the brunt of these harsh conditions, and failures are common as a result.  Elm Creek General Construction handles roof repair and maintenance of all shapes and sizes.

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Elm Creek General Construction Roof Repair Services:

  • Free, no-obligation inspections & estimates
  • Service warranty on repairs
  • Qualified and experienced roofers to complete your repairs


Common Roof Repairs for Texas Homes Include:

  • Repair or replace wind damaged shingles
  • Replace plumbing flashings
  • Repair or replace wall and chimney flashings
  • Valley replacement
  • Repair or replace attic ventilation & insulation
  • Repair or replace skylights

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